Turning assistant AAS-4.0 / Blind spot Assist

 The new turning assistant was developed in order to offer motorists a reliable way of distinguishing between static and dynamic objects and to recognise these immediately. It was developed with the aim of also meeting EU guideline UN-ECE 151, which is why the detection area has been expanded so that the area behind the A-pillar is also monitored and, therefore, cyclists can also be safely recognised when moving sideways. In addition, the system is not permanently active but reliably switches on via the right indicator or when turning.


In order to be able to get a clear picture of the hazardous situation as a lorry driver, the system is always equipped with a camera and a separate monitor in AHD quality. The viewing area of the camera overlaps with the detection field of the sensor, so that, whenever there is a warning, the driver can locate the obstacle and react to it.


A fair system price and minimal associated installation effort are basic prerequisites for carrying out a retrofit that is at all comprehensive. In order for us to be able to further advance the Vision Zero project and minimise the number of road casualties as far as possible, we have developed a turning assistant that perfectly implements these factors. The retrofit reduces the physical strain on the driver in road traffic, and driving errors can be avoided.


Calibration no longer has to be carried out, which simplifies installation and makes the turning assistant safer.


Since we continue to take the position that the side marker lights of a lorry must flash during a turning procedure, this function is also integrated again and can be connected if necessary.

ONE solution for each vehicle type



Thanks to our many years of experience in vehicle construction, we have reviewed and tested the perfect mounting situation for retrofitting turning assistants and have now put a suitable system into series production.



Because the installation position is always the same, the WUE AAS-4.0 assistant can also be easily installed on busses.

Municipal vehicles

Thanks to the intelligent system and detection only for cyclists and pedestrians, things like equipment carriers, for example, do not trigger any warnings.

Even very short vehicles can be fitted, because the sensor always has the same installation position and the prescribed monitoring area.

Agricultural machinery

When it comes to agricultural machinery, there is a solution for both sides of a tractor or other agricultural machine. Since the steering wheel is usually placed in the centre, a blind spot is created on both sides next to the rear wheels. A sensor system can be installed here on each side, which can only be operated via a control unit.


Example images

DAF Scania Claas
Iveco Setra Deutz-Fahr
 MAN Solaris Fendt
Mercedes VDL  
Neoplan Volvo New Holland
Renault VW Valtra

 The WUE AAS-4.0 turning assistant can be adapted to different vehicle specifications. All possibilities are covered by one system. Whether left-hand drive or right-hand drive, a small van or large lorry, or vehicle combinations with trailer recognition that automatically extends the warning field.

Radar with camera

A radar is mounted in a housing together with an AHD camera. This minimises the installation effort, and the components are always perfectly aligned with each other. All components are pre-assembled in the kit!


The AHD monitor is mounted on the right A-pillar so that it is directly in the driver's field of vision when turning. Due to the position of the camera and the monitor, the blind spot is shown in the same perspective that the mirror also displays. This makes orientation very easy, and the monitor becomes a real help.


The third system component is the control unit, in which everything comes together. The side marker lights can also be connected here so that they also flash when indicating.

Advantages of the Wüllhorst AAS-4.0

  • Detection only for weaker road users such as pedestrians and cyclists
  • Detection of double-parked vehicles
  • Detection in the front area behind the A-pillar
  • Thanks to the camera monitor system, the driver not only receives a warning, but can also get an idea of the hazardous situation and react to it
  • Permanent control of every relevant system component. If the system is not ready for operation, this is displayed immediately
  • Can be installed on the right or left side of the vehicle
  • Automatically expanded warning field when travelling with a trailer
  • Can be expanded by adding a second sensor to also potentially monitor the front or other side of the vehicle
  • Extremely short vehicle downtime due to the fastest retrofitting time on the market
  • Available in the vehicle's body colour on request

turning assistant WUE AAS-4.0

The Wüllhorst WUE AAS-4.0 turning assistant supports motorists when turning by providing a reliable warning signal for cyclists and pedestrians and also by means of a monitor on the A-pillar, on which the detection area and thus the entire blind spot on the side opposite the steering wheel can be viewed.


The system can also cause the side marker lights to flash when turning. This function will make the turning process considerably safer, since weaker road users will be made aware of the upcoming turn sooner.

Compliance with ECE R48 revision 6.


Technical specifications

Overall system

Power supply; 10.5 – 35 V


Wide-angle camera/side camera                         Radar

- Viewing angle: 128 °(H), 72°(V), 142°(D)          - Reaction time: 250 ms

- Pixels: 1297 X 977 pixels                                        - 24 GHz technology

- High sensitivity to light                                          - Operating voltage: 24V

- Waterproof in accordance with IP69K

- Operating voltage 12V/24V DC


7" AHD monitor

- Display resolution: 1024X600 pixels           - Image can be rotated and mirrored on each channel

- Brightness of 500cd/m²                                   - Certified to ISO 13766:2006

- Contrast: 700:1                                                    - Menu language: German, English...

- Viewing angle: 85°                                              - Operating voltage: 12V/24V DC

- 3 video inputs and 3 trigger lines                 - Audio-enabled

- Automatic switchover PAL/NTSC                 - Size of monitor: (W x H x D) 195.5 x 117.5 x 25.5


Scope of delivery:

ECU + radar sensor + camera + monitor + LED warning module with control LED + steering angle sensor + wiring harness + installation instructions with circuit

diagram (German/English/French) and installation material

No additional materials are required!


Please feel free to contact us directly for systems in the vehicle's body colour.

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System acceptance

The distinction between static and dynamic objects and the additional classification into vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians virtually rules out false warnings. However, in order to nevertheless be able to get an idea of the acute hazard situation whenever there is a warning, the camera monitor system is always a part of the turning assistant. These factors mean that the system actually relieves the burden on the driver, and he or she does not feel exposed to any further distractions.


 The design of the new turning assistant, which is visually barely noticeable, and its aerodynamic shape contribute to a coherent overall vehicle image.

By selecting the position, it can be ensured that it can be mounted on every lorry in the same way. This means that every workshop can carry out installation work quickly and easily.

Optionally, the housing can also be painted in the vehicle body colour.

Quality commitment

In order to maintain and meet the personal, high standards of our products, we as a company at Wüllhorst GmbH & Co. KG use only verified components for the turning assistant that have been tested over the long term. These undergo a wide variety of checks and are then finally sent to the customer as a complete set.